Lee Soo Yeon’s Diary


Hhhehe,, ini bukan FF, juga bukan curhatan atau diary saia loh…

Dari posternya keliatan kan?!

Ada yang udah nonton dramanya?! I Miss You a.k.a Bogoshipda~
Saia sendiri udah nonton sampe ep 9, nungguin ep10, tapi belum ada yg update eng sub-nya tuh T__T
Buat yang udah nonton minimal sampe ep4, pasti tahu dong, kalo pemeran ceweknya itu, Lee Soo Yeon suka nulis diary, yang isinya semuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tentang Han Jeong Woo ^^,
Disini saia mau nyantumin isi diarinya yg udah saia ulang2 dari ep1, thats too deep you know >,<

Buat seorang Lee Soo Yeon, yang dijauhi orang-orang disekitarnya karena dicap sebagai anak seorang pembunuh,
Buat seorang Lee Soo Yeon yang sama sekali tak memiliki teman dan tak pernah bergaul selama hidupnya,
Han Jeong Woo, yang walaupun tahu dia kenyataannya, datang mendekatinya menawarkan persahabatan, bahkan dia tak peduli dengan perkataan orang lain yang menyuruhnya menjauhi Soo Yeon.
Buat Soo Yeon, Jeong Woo berarti segalanya >,<





♥     I like. I don’t like. I like. I don’t like. I like.
       If a droplet of rain drops and creates five waves, that means I like you.  
       I feel shy, but I will tell you when it rains.
       That’s my little gift for you.


♥    He bites on a pen. With that pens, he writes.
      He look at the sky. He blows on his cheeks.
      He yawns. He closes his eyes.
      He can’t drink hot things well.
      He chants the multiplication backward.
      He falls asleep.


♥    When I call him out, he always turn from the left.
       It spins. My head must have gone crazy.
       Even though you’re right next to me, I think of you.
I hope it rains today. I keep thinking of you.


♥     The wind blows. I think of you.
Because the wind makes my eyes watery. I think of you.
      When I am out of breath from running. I think of you.

      The light blinks. I think of you.
      From the light to my house, it takes 280 steps. I think of you.
      I think of you, who erased my bad memories.


♥     Jung woo, what is your dream?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
      I’ve never dreamt of anything, but there is something that I’ve always wanted to be.

      An invisible person.
      I wanted to be an invisible person. So that nobody could see me. So that they couldn’t dislike me.
     But, I’m going to show myself just to you.
     Even if nobody else can see me, I’ll always be visible to you.
     That’s because, I changed the spell to my invisibility cloak.
     Han Jung Woo is excluded.

♥     If the wind tickles your ear, it’s me calling your name.
       Try putting your hand out when the wind blows.
       Swoooohhh~ the wind blows by doesnt it?! Thats me, tightly holding your hand.
      Don’t cry even if it hurts your eyes, I will always be by your side.
      Lee Soo Yeon, the invisible, being only visible to Han Jeong Woo.







I’m really recommended you this drama, seriously,,
but, you should prepare a box of tissue,
I dunno why, because I’m crying in every episode,

Dont believe?! Just try it then. . .  ^^


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