MyungYeon on [Jiyeon’s Sharing Love Diary]

They’re finally on the same program >,<

00001 (1)

Well, there is no interaction between MyungYeon here -.-

So rare~ If it about this show, I happily talk about HoYeon – Hoya Jiyeon. But let’s take about them on their page,,

I tried to capture some rare moment from them here.

Like this one?!


Hhahaha,, the precious picture for the shipper only >,<  I even ‘blurred’ the other member faces, so I can’t have MyungYeon faces only lol~


myungyeon 2

                                                                                                                     P.S ::  Oooo,, I realized that they’re both wore Myung’s fave color, BLACK ^^
Another frame (who always have Hoya’s face on it -.-!!) from MyungYeon again.


There always people between them -.-!!


Ahhh,,, frustated >,<

myungyeon 3

myungyeon 4


ehh, you can watch the video here


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