Infinite – Still I Miss You [LIVE Performance]

130322. INFINITE - 그리움이 닿는 곳에 (Still I Miss You) [1080p] - YouTube.flv_thumbs_[2013.03.24_03.09.13]



My fave song so far….

They performing STILL I MISS YOU along wit MAN IN LOVE. Till now, there are 3 video.

From March 21, 2013 in M CountDown. They sang the whole song



The second stage is on March 22, 2013 in KBS Music Bank. They cut the song. They only singing half of the second chorus part. There is no Woohyun – Sungjong part 😦



This is from March 23, 2013. Live on MBC. Andwae….!!! They always cut the following-up song 😦  Not only cut the second chorus part. They cut the second verse too. Where Sunggyu and Hoya sang. They jump to Sungyeol part.




And you can see their STILL I MISS YOU Lyric with member part HERE


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