This is just me, trying to wrote about my boring weekend in some silly English.
There might be a hundred or million typo, unknown words or gramatically error in this post but come on…
don’t be such a perfectionist and let me just sharing my you-don’t-know-how-BORING-I-am weekend to whoever out there.



Let me start it with : I am one of a very little people who actually love when Monday comes.


Why? Not because I’m such a ideal student or a workaholic who loves weekdays. NO!!! Of course not!


That’s because my waiting-list of series is going to air the new eps. And that is just not two or three drama (or etc.). But I have, ummm….


CSI, The Blacklist, Agent of Shield, Person of Interest, The Flash. I have Naeil’s Cantabile, Liar Game, Secret Door, Misaeng. Don’t forget about Running Man, WGM, Roommate and the awesome The Genius and Crime Scene. And of course if there’re new case file (anime or manga) from Case Closed.

You see that and you’ll probably understand the excitedness that I felt every Monday. Because the long-list start in Monday.
So, the reason WHY I feel oh-God-can-I-just-skip-this-week-please are…. (lemme explain it one by one).
1. My western series (CSI, Agent of Shield, Person of Interest, and The Flash) didn’t air this week.

God…. This series suppose to bring peace to my like-a-war life but damn! They skip this week and air next week. Together… at Nov 11.

• CSI (Las Vegas, -the original-, you all probably know what is this drama about) who I’ve been watching since the first series till this series, the fifteenth series (yes the 15th series, and every series almost had about 20 eps –more or less-). And I’ve watched every single episode, no exception. So you know how I grown up with every character -even if its just some very-minor character who barely had any scene- I… miss my ‘friend’ CSI. T_T

• Agent of Shield (the second season) and Person of Interest (the fourth season) which is my ‘appetizers’ from my long-list-must-watch-every-week because both are awesome -and you’ll feel like you can’t wait till next week to watch the next episode-.


Agent of shield is part of marvel superheroes story (you know The avenger, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor) which is more more more awesome than the others marvel’s story (according to my personal taste ofc),

and the brilliant Person of Interest who is about a man who create a super-computer who can predict act of terror and dangers who probably get someone to kill or to be killed. (I always love every movie who have this super cyber technology).
You know…. Forget it! Just watch it, you won’t regret it.

• Umm, then The Flash…

The new series, there’re only four eps so far. A series about a man (a genius csi) who ‘accidentally’ got a lightning streak -which is actually a super particle accelerator- (don’t ask me, a physicists can explain what is it I think, I’m a Chemist girl, and oh God, I don’t like physic and biology) and suddenly become the fastest human alive (that’s why it’s called the flash, rite?!). .

• Annnnndddd I forgot to mention my not-that favorite Perception (I still like it, just not my favorite)

Which is already ended last week for the third season. A story about a schizophrenic guy who teaching as a neuroscientist professor and helping FBI solved some related cases. It’s kind of interesting really, because, while you’re watch it you’re able to learn about neuroscience too. (Which is really interesting to me). And I can’t forgot the last eps in the third season because while I’m enjoy watching it –I dunno that is the last eps- while sawing the professor enter a house dunno anything and suddenly KABOOOOMMM!!!! A bomb blown away the house and –the professor who looks like still in the house, probably torn into pieces already –or not. It just leave me in a open-mouth-shocked pose for awhile because I really really shocked –didn’t see that coming. LOL


• Oh yeah, I actually have The Following who ended the second season long time ago

(I can’t remember when, the second season aired this year and no news about when the new season will start). A story about a killer who enjoy killing people and his followers who actually had same kind of sickness –enjoying killing people- and a man (ex-FBI) who became obsessed with this killer.

2. Eventhough The Blacklist (Second season) is airing this week,

But it’s kinda sad since this week eps is the last eps for this season and I have to wait till next year probably around September again *longgggggg sigggggghhh* for the third season. A story about a big criminal, Reddington, who’ve been giving information to FBI so they can catch another not-that-big criminal (lmao). His motive looks vague, but I think it’s because he want to get close and protect Lizzy, whom-I-believe-is-his-daughter.



3. http://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/img/data_program/1412658553_large_580_371.jpg

Naeil’s Cantabile a.k.a Tomorrow’s Cantabile

Okay…. I actually have this big expectation for this drama and Liar Game because both are remake from Japan awesome-production drama.

At first, I actually dunno anything about the original, Nodame’s Cantabile until when I surfing kpop forum and found this k-netizen rage about Yoona who might be a possible lead for the remake Korean version. They said Yoona can’t act, can’t pull this Nodame character who played by Ueno Juri in the original version, bla bla bla. And so I’m get curious, -I watched some of Yoona’s drama, and she’s not great actress but not that bad either, so-so lahh- why this netz give so much negative respon to Yoona, just how great this Ueno Juri played Nodame, and just how awesome this Nodame’s Cantabile drama. So I download it and watch it and WOW!!!

I like dorama (Japan’s drama) but not in musical romance genre (Japan always had another awesome unique genre and style drama that I like) but Nodame’s Cantabile is just DAEBAK!!! Every person portray every character so well that make the drama just really awesome.So worth watching drama.

So then I finally understand Knetz negative respon toward Yoona and demand Shim Eunkyung instead, I really have big expectation for this remake drama.

When the drama finally aired, I watched the early two eps with a good feeling, -okay, they’ve been doing well so far. Can’t wait for the next eps, especially with the orabang~ orabang~ and Seol Nae Bal thingy (eventho’ somehow I wish they can still used Chaiki senpai and Nodame –which is impossible-)

I watched the third and fourth eps. This time with not so-great feeling

but I-try-to-endure-it with -‘come on, don’t try to compare it with the original, no one can beat the original’- kind of mind and continue watching till last eps, eps 8. And this week I must said it.

This remake flop, not good, someone please stop everything!!!
Oh God!!!!!!!!

I dunno what’s wrong or maybe I just can’t said what is wrong with this remake but help! This drama needs help! Somebody help!!!!!!!!

The only thing I watched while enjoying it is the part when Yoojin sunbae get jealous by that celloist (oh yes! I like the love triangle part, Korean is specialist in this kind of genre). Well maybe if you a hardcore fan of Joowon/Shim Eunkyung, or you haven’t watch the original yet, you can continue watch it.

Me? This is the first time I saw Joowon and Shim Eunkyung and I’ve watched the original already so well I better not waste my time with something I can’t enjoy watching…

Btw to make it more annoying is the ending song is soooo good but I can’t find the full song everywhere. Only the chorus cut part. WHY?????

Well, maybe anybody has it and really sooo kind to share it with me please. The title is Listen To My Heart by Melody Day btw.


4.  Next is the most disappointed drama from the long-list-I-must-watch-every-week is sadly, Liar Game.
Sorry not sorry.

Lee Sang Yoon did great, Kim So Eun did great and of course Shin Sung Rok did great too. What disappointed me isn’t the act but the plot, the storyline. Damn!!!

I gave a big thumb for the screenwriter who actually come up with another different variable idea in the story,


  • They made Akiyama’s character a.k.a Ha Woo Jin (in this drama) as a psychology professor instead of a genius swindler guy like in the original.
  • They made Nao’s character in this drama a.k.a Nam Dajung’s father who’s run away bcoz of his debt instead of being sick in a hospital like the original. (I hate the name, Dajung, remind me of 4th period murder -_-!!)
  • They make the Liar Game as TV program instead of only some kind of game like in the original.http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-T5oQWefyhAk/UcN2PQ6YNWI/AAAAAAAAluA/YmCKH6i5Rbo/s1600/Jiyeon+T-ara+Happy+Beauty+GIF.gif
  • They bring up the MALE host for Liar Game exactly like in the manga version instead of female host like in the original drama version. And made the Fukunaga character in the original as a female just like in the manga version.
  • Because of the debt and Liar Game became TV show program thingy so there’re another new character in this drama which is fine. Eventhough I still wonder why they left out the DEBT part, because that’s one of the asset why people were fighting so much for the game. You can go on with the list if you notice any other big different between the remake and the original.

So….. I mean, they already had so many potential to make this drama, well at least good as a remake version of the original, why they’re not continue with the ‘GAME’ itself.

W  H  Y  ? ? ? ?


W      H      Y       ??????????????????????????????????????????????

The drama already aired till eps 6, and so far they copying EXACTLY the same like the first round, the second round and reinstate game (a.k.a Layoff game). No different, how the main idea of the game, how the game’s flow (there’s only some minor different variable which is not a big deal).

I mean it’s giving me as a people who already watch the original (not only once, but twice, and I’m planning to watch for third time, that’s how awesome the original is) feels blank.. I feel nothing, really. No-thrilling feeling, no exciting feeling, no surprise, and gave me very looooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggg
deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppp siggggggggghhhhhhhhh instead.


WHY WHY ?????




JUST WHY???????????

The second time I watched Liar Game original, I still feel the thrill, the surprise, the excitedness feeling until the end, eventho’ I already know how the story goes, what’s the character going to do, how’s the end. But the remake is just make you feel nothing. Or is it PLUS because the actor again, maybe?!


I mean, how awesome Yamada Shota portray The genius swindler Akiyama Shinichi, his eyes –I’m dying-


How well Toda Erika acted as a Kanzaki Nao and so innocent make you feel frustrated at her sometimes,


And how annoying Fukunaga’s character is. When he start shout ‘Nao no BAKA!!!’ plus the close-up camera. Lmao~


This is the first time I watched drama (this remake-red) while eating and when my food or drink spill in my clothes or lap, I don’t bother pause the video or backward it, I just continue watching.

The drama had sooo many potential but they just ruin it with copying the same game but leave out what make the viewers leave in awe and feel the greatness of the game itself.

I saw the preview for the next eps, and if its following the original, it’s supposed to be The Third Round, Contraband Game which is Yokoya’s character supposed to appear here. But I saw no potential-Yokoya’s character from the preview, so I think they made Yokoya and That MC ‘Shin Sung Rok’ character blend as one. But I hope the drama surprise me next week and give me some thrilling-excitng feeling while watching please –

Please, I beg you, screenwriter-nim –


Please don’t copy the contraband game too please please please.

5. Ahh,, the next drama is Secret Door.

Tbvh, I don’t have much to say about Secret Door because I stop watching in the middle of the second eps. No, everything is good, nothing’s wrong this time. I choose this drama bcoz I wanna watch Kim Yojung but then I stopped watch bcoz my head’s hurt. Lmao. Seriously, the storyline suddenly become so heavy and heavier (I watch historical drama before, The Moon That Embrace The Sun, Faith, and if you can count half historical – half modern drama like Queen’s In Hyun’s Man and Rooftop Prince –I Think Gu Family Book is included too!?-) and I felt like I watch the drama to enjoy it why did it make my head’s hurt, so I stopped. Lol

6.  The next in line is Misaeng.

I actually read some post which gave positive comment to Misaeng, so I give it a try and I like it so far. Plus there’s Im Siwan –who’s too handsome to be ignored. LMAO~
Well, actually… I ignored his handsomeness (plus Jaejoong’s hotness) in Triangle before. I keep up until the fifth eps and then I stopped. And start watching it again when Jiyeon made a cameo, only when Jiyeon appear actually lol. Misaeng’s plot is good –not your usual Korean makjang drama- and the actor and actress is good too. So, worth a try. But I still can’t continue watching it because of the disappointment from Naeil’s Cantabile and Liar Game still exist so I stop watch in the middle of eps 3, but the drama is good and I’ll start watching it again when I recover my feeling.

7. Next is typical Korean variety show which is almost every people know.

Running Man, Roommate, WGM. I watch Running Man just when I saw the eps is interesting or the guest is entertaining or no guest at all (bcoz that’s mean there’s only 7 of them and that’s more than interesting). Roommate season 2 is not that very boring like season 1 –but it’s still boring- so I watch while still skip some part. WGM is worth watching just for Jaerim and Soeun couple ofc.


The last is TvN’s variety program The Genius and Jtbc’s program Crime Scene.

The last is TvN’s variety program The Genius and Jtbc’s program Crime Scene. I actually notice The Genius along time ago, when the first season start airing but Iignored it. Just when I start to disappoint with Liar Game remake, I try to looking up for it again and start watching. The Genius itself is the same like Liar Game (without the debt part ofc), when player playing against each other. There’s 12 games and every week there’s one player who’s going to be eliminated.

At earlier eps I cheering for Sunggyu ofc. Hope he’s winning the game and annoyed at some other player who ‘disturb’ Sunggyu. But then the more I watch it, the more I became addicted to the game itself, the more I finally found the man. The Genius Season 1 winner, Hong ‘Kong’ Jinho. ^^, Just see how awesome he is especially in the Open, Pass Game. I’m still in awe coz of him tbh. >,<


I start watching season 2 bcoz the brain Hong Jinho is back as one of the contestant, but because he’s stand out too much, so the other contestant seeing him as a treat and well he eliminated in the 7th round. At that moment I stop watching The Genius and start watching Crime Scene, which is ofc there’s Hong Jinho on it.

Crime Scene is another great work too. The member playing a scene where all of them are the suspect of a murderer and all of them trying to figure it out who is the real suspect. It’s really awesome and I really love it.

Just when I finish watch the Crime Scene then I start watching The Genius Season 2 again. And ofc will continue watch The Season 3 too. Just try it out. You won’t regret it.

The Genius and Crime Scene and Hong Jinho (^^,) are the reason why I still survived till Sunday and collecting and maximizing all of my energy to face the new day, Monday, tomorrow.



Wish me best of luck…..


I hope I don’t have to continue my raging this weekend….

I hope the western series airing for this new week and Liar Game will surprise me with some thrilling-exciting in the next eps.

I really hope so…. >,<




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