안녕하세요. . .

At first, let me say ‘Welcome to My Blog’

I’m Indonesian Girl who falling in love with South Korea. The music, the drama, the language and even the culture.

So this blog is fill up all about it.

Ahh, My name is Suchy, I’m college girl. And I’ve Korean name too^^

My korean name is 신리숭  if you romanization it, it’ll read Shin Ri Sung.

I fall in love with Korea because I’ve watched Korean Drama, A History Drama, The Great Queen Seon Deok. Have you watched it??

It took a long journey, before I decide My Hardcore Fandom, who I was dealing to die for (?)

You can guess it by looking at my blog name, I’m HOTTEST QUEEN’S.

HOTTEST stand for 2PM fans. Seven letters who represent 7 members who have unique personality. And 2PM is the HOTTEST time of The Day.

QUEEN’S stand for T♔ara Fans. It Means the Fans are belong to The Queens (T♔ara), who’ll sacrifice their everything to protect The Queens.

Beside those 2 grup, I have some interset in other groups too, but not so deep like 2PM and T♔ara.

It’s Infinite, SHINee, CN Blue, FT Island, Beast, 2AM and Super Junior.

I’ll listening to their music and watching their MV and Live performance too. Beside it, the reason why I have such an interest because I have bias in those grup. I like Infinite’s Main Vocal Nam Woohyun, SHINee’s Leader Onew, CN Blue’s Drummer Kang Minhyuk, FT Island’s Vocalist Lee Hongki, Beast’s Main Vocal Yang Yoseob, 2AM’s Maknae Jung Jinwoon and Super Junior Main Vocal Yesung. Ahh, I like little Nation Brother, Yoo Seung Ho too^^.

I love Detective Conan too. The great detective comics which I have My Ideal Type on it. Shinichi Kudo ^^

I love reading but not everything. I just reading something who can gain my interest. Such genre like thriller, detective, mystery, science-fiction, or fantasy. Because I love reading so I love to writing too. I writing fanfiction and I post it in this blog. Feel free to read it, but don’t forget to leave something.

You can contact me on twitter @CyCySuchy

Or follow my tumblr

I’ve facebook account too, but I don’t use it so often.

Do leave your introduce in comment box below, so we can now each other^^

Let be friend 😀

P.S :: Sorry for my poor English, I’m still learning


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