Ahreum Android (2)

Apple is A (Korea, Japan)

A Song For You (Soyeon ft. Ahn Young Min)



Beautiful Girl (Hyomin ft. Brave Brothers)

Beautiful Sniper

Bingeul Bingeul a.k.a Round & Round

Bo Beep Bo Beep (Korea, Japan)

Breaking Heart (I’m Really Hurt Japanese Ver.)

Bunny Style

Bye Bye (Korea, Japan)



Can We Love (T-ara N4)

Coffee House (Eunjung)

Coffee Over Milk (Soyeon, Hyomin ft. SeeYa Boram)

Countryside Life a.k.a Jeon Won Ilgi (T-ara N4)

Cry Cry (Ballad, Dance, Japan)



Dangerous Love ( Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon)

Day and Night (Ahreum ft. 5dolls Shannon & Gavy NJ Geunji)

Day By Day (Korea, Japan)

Day By Day (Jiyeon)


Don’t Leave

Do We Do We (Qri)



Falling You

First Love (T-ara & 2PM, Original Song by Clon)

Forever Love (Jiyeon ft. SeeYa & Davichi)



Good Person (Original, New)

Goodbye, Ok



Happy Birthday to You a.k.a You’re My Treasure

Happy Rain (Ahreum)





I Don’t Know

I Go Crazy Because of You (Korea, Japan)

I Know (Soyeon ft. Yangpa & SeeYa Boram)

I Really Really Like You

In Addition a.k.a Rolling / Ddoreureu (Jiyeon)

I’m Okay

I’m Really Hurt (Korea, Japan)

I’m So Bad



Keep Out (Love Game Japanese Ver.)



Lies (Ballad, Dance, Japan)

Like The First Time (Korea, Japan)

Like A Wind (T-ara QBS)

Little By Little (Jiyeon)

Log In

Love Game (Korea, Japan)

Love Me ( I Go Crazy Because of You Japanese Ver.)

Love Poem (Soyeon)

Love Suggestion (Hyomin)

Lovey Dovey (Korea, Japan)



Ma Boo

Maybe Maybe (Boram)

My Sea (Jiyeon)



O My God

One & One



Page One (Soyeon ft. Ock Ju Hyun)

Painkiller (Soyeon ft. SPEED Taewoon Sungmin, The SeeYa Yoojin, 5dolls Eunkyo)




Rolling a.k.a In Addition / Ddoreureu (Jiyeon)

Roly Poly (Korea, Japan)

Roly Poly in Copacobana (Korea, Japan)

Round and Round a.k.a Bingeul Bingeul



Say Goodbye (You, You, You)

Sexy Love (Korea, Japan)

Sign (Ahreum & Soyeon)

Skyground Starground

Soap Bubbles (Boram & Qri)

Superstar (Jiyeon ft. Ailee & Sistar Hyorin)




Taratic Magic Music


The C.C (Cotton Candy)

The End (Soyeon & SeeYa Boram)

The Paradise

Tic Tic Toc

Time To Love (T-ara ft. Supernova) (Korea, Japan)

Together (Jiyeon ft. JB)

TTL Listen 2 (T-ara ft. Supernova)

Two as One (Eunjung)



Wanna Play? (Korea, Japan)

We are The One

We were In Love (T-ara ft. Davichi)

What Should We Finish (Soyeon)

Why are You Being Like This (Korea, Japan)

Woman Generation(Jiyeon ft.SeeYa & Davichi)

Wonder Woman (Eunjung, Hyomin ft. SeeYa &Davichi)



Yayaya (Korea, Japan)

You are My Treasure a.k.a Happy Birthday To You

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