[MV] T-ara – 1977 Do you know me? (Hangul/Rom/Eng Color coded lyric) (Ballad vers. cut)


[Lyric] T-ara Soyeon, The SeeYa Yoojin, 5dolls Eunkyo, SPEED Taewoon & Sungmin – Painkiller (Hangul/ROM/Eng Color Coded)



CCM New Project featuring T-ara’s Soyeon, The SeeYa Yoojin, 5dolls Eunkyo, and SPEED Taewoon & Sungmin.



The Music Video itself starring T-ara’s Jiyeon, who has proven as an acting-dol and got praised from media because of  her acting.


Go watch the MV by yourself, and by see it you can feel her pain too.


[MV] T-ARA & THE SEE YA & 5DOLLS & SPEED(티아라 & 더 씨야 & 파이브돌스 & 스피드) _ Painkiller(진통제).mp4_thumbs_[2013.06.11_03.12.11]

Here, the official Painkiller MV::



And check out the lyric below ::

T-ara Soyeon   //   The SeeYa Yoojin   //   5Dolls Eunkyo   //   SPEED Taewoon   //   SPEED Sungmin


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